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  • I suffered with severe migraines for about 3 years. I was put on three different types of medication over that time, but none of them worked. I decided against taking one of the drugs as it didn’t seem appropriate for my condition.

    I came across Suzanne by chance and I decided to make an appointment with her. She suggested that my headaches may be linked to something in my diet.  To my surprise it didn’t take long to confirm this. My migraines have now gone, which is a huge relief and to be medication free is just wonderful. I can’t thank you enough Suzanne for your help.


    Lucy B Lawford, Essex
  • After 2 years of suffering with pains in the left side of my abdomen, my parents suggested I talk to Suzanne, I couldn’t believe that after 3 days of seeing Suzanne the pains had gone.

    Every morning at 3am I used to wake up with pains and cramps in the left side of my abdomen. These pains would prevent me from getting back to sleep, the eventual long term sleep deprivation made me very grumpy and irritable.

    I went to see my GP about the pains and they put me on a prescription for 3 months to help with what they thought was reflux. When I returned after 3 months with no signs of improvement they changed the prescription. This new prescription made me very constipated so I went back to the GP who suggested to come off these and they referred me to the hospital to have blood tests for various things of which all came back fine. The GP then referred me for a scope investigation of the stomach and rectum, the results came back all clear and I was given a leaflet on Irritable Bowel Syndrome. This was annoying as IBS is a pretty big umbrella. I do not easily get stressed and had already cut out caffeine, alcohol and spicy foods.

    Eventually my parents suggested talking to Suzanne. She suggested an exclusion diet which initially seemed tough to follow but a bit of planning and a huge amount of support from Suzanne made it a lot easier. I couldn’t believe that on day 3 of the diet, the pains had gone. Isolating certain foods from my diet identified the probable cause. This appears to have resolved the problem.

    The rest of the diet showed very little intolerance to anything else, I was so relieved that after 2 years Suzanne had helped me to eventually find out the cause of this annoying pain. I would highly recommend Suzanne, she has helped me to pinpoint my intolerance and given me the support I needed to change my diet and lifestyle with very positive results.

    Thanks again

    Dan S Ipswich
  • I would like to thank Suzanne for all her advise regarding my baby Alastair.

    After 6 weeks of him being in agonising pain each night we thought it was down to “collic and reflux” or that’s what the doctor said anyway. After being prescribed medication which seemed to make things worse as he became very constipated, I thought there had to be another way and another reason as to why he’s in so much discomfort. Suzanne recommended radically changing my diet, cutting out various food groups and adding others for myself, thus  helping to boost the baby’s good bacteria in his gut. Within 48 hrs I had a completely different baby. At first we thought it was a fluke but after a week we came to realise that it was because he couldn’t tolerate a food group I was eating.

    We now have a very happy 6 month old and thanks to Suzanne we got to the route of his problem. Thank you again for all your help and advise, we can’t believe what a difference it’s made to him.

    Once again thank you so much for your help and advice.

    All the best and kind regards

    Rebecca, Gary and Alastair
  • After many years of abdominal pain, bloating, headaches and various other problems I was eventually diagnosed with Irritable Bowel Syndrome. The NHS had tested me comprehensively for anything that may help explain my symptoms but found nothing abnormal. The reason for the IBS remained unexplained and I was advised to take medications to help relieve the symptoms, with varying results.

    Then I had a long talk with Suzanne. It was a revelation. I began to see that there could be a logical reason for my problems and an alternative way of tackling them. Suzanne advised me on how to correct my food intake to give me a balanced diet that suited my digestive system.

    The result has been amazing and I wish I had consulted her a long time ago. I am virtually pain free for the first time for years. It is such a relief. Thank you Suzanne!


    Shirley L Colchester