Sauerkraut/Kefir Workshop

Sauerkraut/Kefir Workshop
15th July 2017 Suzanne Abbott

Sauerkraut/Kefir Workshop

Saturday, Jun 9, 2018

10:30am - 3:30pm

The sauerkraut and Kefir workshop starts @ 10:30 am sharp. We’ll have an informal introduction to the workshop, whilst we drink tea/coffee. I will start the workshop by telling you about the history of Kefir and what it is and how it can aid your digestive system. I will demonstrate how to use the Kefir grains for a continuous supply of Kefir at home with just the cost of the milk. Each participant will be given Kefir grains to start their own production. A handout with instructions will also be included.

We’ll break for lunch @ 12:30. This will include organic salad from my garden as well as pressed cabbage coleslaw, a cous cous salad, avocado, cheeses and drinks – tea/coffee/green tea or a cold drink.

After lunch @ around 13:30, we’ll concentrate on Sauerkraut. I will discuss why it is important to eat fermented foods, how healing Sauerkraut is for the intestines, especially for people with digestive disorders.

We will all take part in making the Sauerkraut, so please bring a sharp knife for cutting the cabbage, a chopping board, an apron and a notepad and a pen to make notes.

Containers for the Kefir grains and the Sauerkraut we make will be given to you on the day with full instructions on how to make both.

The workshop will finish @ 15:30.

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Event Location

My home in Great Bromley

Event Fees

£ 20.00