Raw Milk…

Raw Milk…
27th February 2014 bb_admin

Raw milk has been an important food for populations throughout the centuries. It has many nutrients and vitamins that are essential to wellbeing, It boosts the immune system and children will thrive on it.

Unfortunately, over the past few decades, when raw milk has been outlawed in this country as something that will harm you and your children, we have seen the emergence of  pasteurised milk, be it skimmed, semi-skimmed or whole milk, flood the supermarket shelves. Pasteurised milk and raw milk are two completely different products. The only similarity is the white colour! Pasteurised milk is heated to scalding heat and this process damages the milk fat globules, the proteins and minerals.  Vitamins are then re-added to the milk, but these are synthetic and the molecular structure of the milk has been changed completely. You are now left with a highly processed white drink. In fact, over the years of pasteurised milk consumption, many  people have developed lactose intolerance and are unable to consume any dairy products.

There is much information out there about raw milk and pasteurised milk and you need to do your research. Buy raw milk from a reputable farm, certified for raw organic milk production from grass fed cows.

As for raw, unpasteurised cheese products, visit any supermarket. Look for French Brie or Camembert or Italian Parmesan made from unpasteurised milk. These cheeses taste delicious and if our supermarkets are selling them, then they can’t be that bad for you.