All about Kefir

All about Kefir
17th March 2014 Suzanne Abbott

Some of you have probably never heard of KEFIR. Let me tell you something about it…

Kefir is an ancient beverage, going back at least 5000 years. It was first discovered in the Caucasus mountains among sheep farmers who would milk the sheep and carry the milk in a leather pouch from one pasture to another. The milk would ferment in the warm environment and a sour, fermented beverage was the result. They drank this as they tended their flocks over several weeks/months during the year. The liquid was made from raw ewe’s milk, full of vital vitamins and nutrients the ewes obtained from grazing on fresh mountain grass.

As with any food, the vitamins and nutrients taken up by a plant or an animal will eventually end up in the human food chain. Kefir has survived for hundreds of years, nourishing generations of East European  populations as well populations in Asia. Another Kefir strain was found in Tibet and is still available today. Kefir was highly prized for its extraordinary health properties. Because it is fermented, it is already partially digested and much easier utilized by the body. It contains some B vitamins, B12, B1 also vitamin K and most importantly it contains major strains of friendly bacteria that help to keep the intestinal environment healthy.

It’s best to use raw milk for the production of Kefir, but if you can’t get hold of it, use organic whole milk from grass fed cows. The texture is a creamy, slightly effervescent tasting drink. Excellent on your home made muesli or last thing at night, before going to bed. It will do its magic whilst you sleep.