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Love 4 Health

Through diet & Nutrition

You are what you eat

Humans have been around on this earth for millennia and it seems that in the last 2 centuries, but especially in the last 60 years or so, our health has rapidly deteriorated.

It has become much more noticeable that our waistlines have expanded dramatically and only the other day, when walking through a shopping centre, I noticed a shop selling only clothes from 2XL to 8XL. This appears to be a new trend and apparently someone has thought it a good idea to cater for this ‘growing’ market! This means a much bigger impact on the world’s dwindling resources of cotton and other raw materials for the manufacture of bigger clothes. But that is the least of our worries. It is also our health that has taken a hit over these last few decades, and this in turn places a huge strain on our health care systems, which are struggling to cope with the ever growing ailments that accompany the expanding waistline.

It’s easy to take that first step.

Start writing down what you eat or drink every day. You will be surprised how much you can’t remember if you don’t write it down. After that, you can take steps to adjust what and when you are eating. You will need to learn about refined carbohydrates, proteins and fats. It’s easy once you know how…

Eat fruit always on an empty stomach. It takes only 30 minutes for fruit to get through the digestive tract. It’s best eaten about 1/2 hour before a meal or 3 hours after a meal. You can also eat fruit between meals, as a snack. Fruit mixed with a meal or eaten after a meal will ferment in the stomach and give you unpleasant side effects…

If you haven’t eaten liver for a while, how about some lovely local liver and bacon for your lunch or dinner today? Serve this with lots of green vegetables – no potatoes. Starches (potatoes) and proteins (liver and bacon – meat) don’t mix. This is called ‘food combining’. More information to follow another day…

Suzanne Abbott

NATURAL HEALTH CONSULTANT  in Naturopathic Nutrition – fully accredited
SMN Dip Naturopathic Nutrition/Merit, mFNTP reg
SAC Dip Diet and Nutrition/Distinction, mFHT reg

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